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Get to know more about Power Systems Electric, your expert electricians in Moreno Valley. We can help you troubleshoot any problem you are having, or install devices throughout your home. No matter your electrical need give us a call @ 951-377-1097. We’ll ensure that your home is safe and the work is done to perfection.

Power Systems Electric Located in Moreno Valley

Power System Electric is located in the city of Moreno Valley CA. It is owned by husband and wife team Daniel (or Dan) Galarza, and his wife Lisa. Dan is the engineer because all of the electrical work, while Lisa is runs the home office, phones, permits, and accounting. Combined, both Dan and Lisa make an amazing team. They are extremely personable, helpful, and truly a pair out there in the world taking care of people and trying to make the world a better place. They are exactly what you would expect from ideal company. Their communication is excellent, their quality of work is superior, and their prices seemed not to have changed much over the past 10 years. You’ll be able to tell simply by their amazing reviews throughout the internet that they are a gem in their industry.

Lisa and Dan have lived in the Inland Empire for nearly 30 years and they raised their kids in Moreno Valley.

Dan Galarza is a Master Electrician with almost 30 years of experience. He speaks fluent Spanish, and he enjoys tinkering with electronics and solving the world’s need for power and electricity while his wife runs the office.

Dan is a pretty simple guy. He’s a Family Man. He’s a Neighbor. And he’s a Disabled Military Veteran who enjoys helping families and providing more value beyond what he charges. And one thing he especially enjoys is taking care of other Disabled Military Vets.


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