Commercial Electrician

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Commercial Electrician For Businesses

Searching for a highly skilled, highly qualified, commercial electrician nearby? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. We often receive calls from grocery stores, apartment buildings, department stores, and commercial office buildings to come in and assist with troubleshooting and/or upgrading. We can do it all. We’re a trusted business commercial electrician contractors who are listed with the Better Business Bureau. We strive to overdeliver for our commercial clients, and our amazing reviews are a testament of our hard work and dedication.

Electrical Wiring Commercial Projects

We do electrical wiring commercial projects. When we get called in by an office building, a retail establishment, property managers, or similar type of business, then we understand that we represent you. This is important because our image and our level of customer service that we express on the job becomes a reflection of you. Our partnership with you is very important to us. You are our top priority, and we’ll do what ever it takes to make sure that your reputation doesn’t get tarnished by any of doing. Rest assured that when you send us in to take care of a commercial job that we do so with every intent to be punctual, to be professional, to be kind, and to provide quality craftsman work. We feel that we’re naturally friendly and personable, and we’ll strive to have your customer raving about you for sending us.

We Offer Superior Commercial Electrical Services

We offer superior commercial electrical services. And unfortunately, many of our counterparts are working jobs using someone else’s license. Unfortunately, we’ve found that as much as half of our competition in the area say they are licensed, but but most of their licenses have been terminated, suspended, expired, or simply don’t exist. A license becomes terminated when the contractor failed to meet state regulated standards. This would be a raised concern after they have been reported for performing work that was substandard and outright dangerous.  A license is suspended due to the same reason. They have been reported for poor work, usually multiple times, and that are in a state of having to defend their actions or risk losing their license. And lastly, when a license becomes expired, then they simply are not authorized to perform work for others in California. In any event, would you want someone under any of these conditions working on your property, and risking the livelihood of your tenants or your property? Do what’s right. Hire a company who has your best interests at heart, and who is legitimately in business to treat you honest and fairly. We follow all the rules in business. And our team is determined to go the extra mile to do everything perfect. Please feel free to research our license with the California state board. Our license number is: 574469.

We Also Offer Commercial Electrical Installation

We offer commercial electrical installation services. So regularly we get called in to install electrical panels, solar panels, lighting, or many various other items for businesses, apartment complexes, etc. Our team is capable of handling large projects for businesses to ensure that these items get in installed properly without issue. We are licensed commercial electrician and this means we help commercial businesses with all of their electrical needs. Sometimes their needs are more complex than a signal family residence. Businesses typical have larger air conditioning units, multiple service panels, and a vast network or electrical intertwined on one property. This makes troubleshooting and service more complex, and sometimes more dangerous. No matter what your business needs are…you can count on us! Power Systems Electric would love to help you and your clients with all of your electrical needs.



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