Emergency Electrician

Need an emergency electrician–like Now? Give us a call @ 951-377-1097. We’re available day, or night, 24 hours a day. We’re here to help!

Emergency Electrician Available Day or Night

When you need us at the worst possible time of day, or night, we understand. It happens. And this is why we try our best to be there for you. Offering 24 hour service isn’t something we initially set out to do. It wasn’t until after we received a number of late night calls from desperate home owner that we decided that we needed to do something. Back then residence of Moreno Valley, Riverside, Perris, and surround areas didn’t have options. How do we know? Because we didn’t do any marketing, yet somehow at 2am in the morning, a client would contact us. We wanted to do something about it. We wanted to help. We want to be there for you.

Reliable 24 Hour Electrician Services

This amazing husband and wife team offers 24 hour electrician services. They keep finding residences and neighbors who need electricity to power equipment that keeps them alive or breathing. The ultimate decision to provide 24 hour emergency service came to Power Systems Electric after they noticed one common reoccurrence. Everyone who contact them late at night had a life threatening need to have electricity. These were families who had loved ones hooked up to medical devices to help them breath. These were families who had little children who were sensitive to bacteria in the air and needed their purifiers running so that they could breath properly. These were people whose lives were at risk. We realized that these were people whose lives were in danger, and we also knew that we could do something about it. It isn’t just about making a buck by working more hours. It’s all about helping our neighbors in our surrounding community in a time of crisis.

Emergency Electrical Support Nearby

One of the first things you want to do is just look out the window to make sure all the lights in the neighborhood are also out. If your street light has power, and your closest neighbors also have power, but you don’t…then we know there’s an issue.

When you call us, we may ask you questions to help troubleshoot the issue. We would love to help you fix the problem without us coming out there. We can’t even begin the tell you how many times we have helped clients over the phone who eventually didn’t need us to come out there. This saves homeowners time and money. It saves time because you don’t have to wait for us to come out there. It saves money because we don’t have to come out there to troubleshoot the issue. Homeowners love us for doing this. Several of our reviews online are from homeowners we’ve helped, but never met in person.

There When You Need Us Most

Our 24 hour service is available to Moreno Valley residence, and residence in neighboring cities like Riverside and Perris. We also offer provide service on the holidays, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc. We do this, again, because we want to help our neighbors. As long as we’re in town and haven’t flown out of state for the holidays, then we make ourselves available. We’ve been helping our neighbors for almost 30 years.



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