Industrial Electrician

Need a highly experienced industrial electrician? Daniel Galarza from Power Systems Electric is excellent master your most challenging and difficult electrical needs. Give us a call @ 951-377-1097. We’re here to help with your project!

Experienced Professional Industrial Electrician

Need a licensed industrial electrician? Power Systems Electric is an industrial electrician who serves Moreno Valley, Riverside, San Bernardino, and the Inland Empire. We are qualified and able to handle the most complex demands in the industry. We’ve been called into work on advanced projects on the military base, working on airplanes, and working for power plants who need assistance with some of their most difficult projects. This isn’t a job for your handy man neighbor down the street. Daniel Galarza, owner of Power Systems Electric, was trained as an industrial electrician capable of supplying power entire regions. If you are concerned that your project is too big, then give us a call. We specialize in big. Most technicians work their way up to projects of that size. Daniel Galarza started there and worked his way down.

Offering Industrial Technician Support

We offer industrial technician support. Many of our counterparts struggle just to do things right, but we’ve moved past that decades ago and we’ve moved on to making things better. Power Systems Electric has invented technologies that help improve lives and help improve the impact on the environment. Daniel Galarza has engineered ways to improve efficiency with electricity and power usage. He has also perfected processes that have helped saved home owners thousands of dollars. PSE has also been invited to businesses to help make significant cuts in their power usage and in turn cutting wasteful expenses. We’ve reduced electric expenses by tens of thousands every month. We aren’t your typical technicians. We’re pioneers constantly seeking ways to make the world a better place.

We Are High Voltage Electricians

Being a high voltage electrician requires exception skills and training because there is simply no room for error, and we have mastered the skills required through in depth immersion with hands on training, guidance, and supervision. First, hands on training separate the leaders of the pack from everyone else. This class of individuals include the sharp shooting aces of the sky after a major war. They’ve seen action. They’ve learned from the mistakes of others. They have learned from their own mistakes and often barely made it out alive. Electrical work is much the same. One faulty wire or a miscalculation can risk explosions in some cases. Secondly, guidance is necessary to master any skill. These would include generals, leaders, or maybe inventors. These are the individuals that bring you out of the darkness to bring to light a new understanding. The gurus of our day were world class leaders and innovators in the electrical field. Lastly, supervision is needed to mold a master craftsman into performing quality in a certain manner. This is the role that the state of California plays in the electrical industry. They keep contractors grounded to rules meant to protect the fine people of this state. In all, Power Systems Electric has become leaders in the industrial electrician field by learning from the best trainers, inspired by qualified guidance, and regulated by the state to ensure we perform that the highest quality standards.



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