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Looking for an amazing electrician who services the Inland Empire? Daniel Galarza, from Power Systems Electric, has been servicing the Inland Empire for 30 years. Give us a call for all of your electrical needs @ 951-377-1097. We look forward to hearing from you!

Need An Electrician in the Inland Empire?

If you need an Inland Empire Electrician, then Power Systems Electric is hands down the best electrician in the Inland Empire. One reason for this is because we look out for our client’s best interest. While many contractors will cut corners on quality, we feel that it’s our duty to take care of others as if they were family. We install electrical devices and equipment in a way that benefits our customer. Secondly, we make every effort to try and use the best materials available. We want our work to last for years to give you that added peace of mind. We expect our work to last for decades so that your investment in us doesn’t go to waste. Lastly, we are extremely affordable. We know this because we often get called in to repair jobs that have already been performed by another electrician. And home owners are all too willing to share what they paid our competitor. Not only are our service cheaper in nearly every instance, but we’ll get the job don’t right the first time so that you wont have to call in another electrician afterwards to fix out work.

When You Need To Find An Electrician

When you need to find an electrician in the Inland Empire, then give us a call. The Inland Empire is made up of both Riverside County and San Bernardino County. It also stretches all the way to the border of Nevada. Power Systems Electric has made the Inland Empire home for well over 30 years. During that time we’ve work on thousands of projects. We’ve helped families with simple installs to make the lighting aesthetics of their home look more appealing. We are commercial electricians and we’ve helped business install large equipment and helped apartment buildings distribute power throughout all of their units. Our company has also worked on major industrial projects that just outright massive undertakings. No matter what the size of the project, big or small, give us a call. Daniel Galarza is prepared and ready to take on all of your requests. You will be happy that you reached out to us, and we look forward to meeting you.

A Sample Of Our Services…

The following are services that we offer in Moreno Valley, Riverside, and primarily throughout the entire Inland Empire:

  • Ceiling Fan Installation – Often times there simply isn’t any wiring or a predetermined spot to install a ceiling fan. We go through great lengths to measure out and find the center of the room so that the ceiling fan doesn’t feel lop sided in proportion to the where it is installed and it’s placement. We drill the hole, bring wiring to the spot required, and we bring the line to a new light switch, if needed, so that the fan or the light from the fan can be controlled from there.
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation – We’ve been called to supply lighting to illuminate driveways, back patios, pool areas, and the like. We enjoy showcasing our client’s yards to friends and neighbors by installing dozens of light fixtures in key parts of the yard to make your property look more like an experience and not just something that’s there.

Of course we offer many more services. We just wanted to showcase just a few examples of requests we see often.


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