Electrical Panel

We do electrical panel upgrades, service and replacements. If you are looking to replace your electrical panel, then call us. That’s our absolute speciality. Call us @ 951-377-1097 for a free estimate, quotes, or assistance!

Your #1 Source For Electrical Panel Upgrades

One of #1 services that Power System Electric provides is Electrical Panel Upgrades. If you have an old service panel like the one in the picture above, then consider giving us a call. This is an actual unit that we replaced a few months back. This home owner was redoing the plastering outside of the house, and wanted to incorporate a nicely updated panel to match the fresh new stucco being installed. This loving family also had plans to install an air conditioning unit. Both reasons made perfect sense to use, and it is something we hear often. No matter what the reason…contact the service panel experts in the Inland Empire.

We Do Electrical Panel Replacements

There’s a number or reasons why you would want to upgrade your service panel. One good reason why you would want to do this is because your panel or your wiring has a burning smell. This is a good indication that it is time to upgrade. With all of today’s modern electronics, our homes have increased in the demand for power. Even our standard appliances have advanced, and they tend to require more electricity to provide you with “smart” capabilities. This increase in demand for electricity can overwork your entire electric network in your home. And all of the heavy lifting is being done by the electrical panel. Having an electrical panel replacement done will allow you to handle all of today’s digital devices.

Getting A New Circuit Breaker Panel

We briefly want to point out that we don’t just install new circuit breaker panels. We also try to go out of our way to improve the overall look of the house. We’ve seen older homes that had multiple wires hanging overhead. We are often able to reroute most of those wires to go under ground, and to the side of the house. Secondly, the placement of the pole can help improve the look of the home. We see many homes with metal poles running up the side of the house next to the panel. We prefer to install the pole in the wall. This looks 10 times better.

Two Popular Reasons To Do A Service Panel Upgrade

There are two popular reasons to do a service panel upgrade. One major reason to upgrade your panel is because you plan on installing a large item in or outside of your home. These large items include things like a new air conditioning unit, and a new hot tub or spa. Even a jetted tub requires an immense amount of energy to suck in water and shoot it back out. But it doesn’t have to be this big. Even regular appliances can you require you to make the shift needed to supply adequate power to where it is now needed. The second most popular reason for install a new panel relates to the first reason. Solar power installation is on the rise. When solar panels are install onto your home, then it requires the latest technology to handle it’s distribution of power. Old electric panels weren’t designed to handle electric panels, and solar panels weren’t invented years ago with many of these old electric panel units. We install solar panels onto homes, and with that we also upgrade the service panel.



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